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Tell stories
the cartoon way!

Liven up your employee communication with humor. Deliver key messages in an engaging and effective way!


Why Cartoons?

A cartoon is worth a thousand words!

Cartoons are memorable

A visual message conveyed through a cartoon is remembered for a longer period of time.

Cartoons evoke emotions

Hand-drawn lines and characters make your message more relatable to your audience.

Humor = human

Humor makes your content more approachable and boosts engagement.

About the Cartoonist

Sumanta Baruah is an award-winning cartoonist and has been drawing cartoons for 25 years. He has transformed ideas and stories into cartoons for businesses, organizations, and individuals for marketing, advertising, corporate communication, public speaking, and science and technology communication. He has helped brands and organizations like Samsung, Asus, Oxford University Press, British Council, Dennis Publishing, United Nations Environment Programme, and others tell their stories through cartoons. Sumanta has 17 years of experience in innovation program management and corporate communication, in addition to cartooning. He delivered a TEDx talk in 2020 on the power of cartoons.



This collection features cartoons on common topics related to business and management. More such collections are coming soon.

More cartoons are coming soon!

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